Replanting Warranty

Bundled with inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, and other crop protection inputs. It qualifies farmers for an automatic claim in the case where the seeds fail to germinate due to excessive rains or a lack of rains (dry spells).

Multi-Peril Warranty Cover

This is an index multi-layer protection cover provided to farmers against production losses occurring during crop germination, flowering, and maturity phases  Utilising historical data, trigger points are set. Payouts are monitored using satellite imagery and other relevant earth observation tools. Farmers are protected from perils caused by;

  • Drought
  • Hail damage
  • Dry spells (droughts)
  • Windstorm 
  • Excessive  Rainfall

 Farmers receive compensation if their yields fall below the set trigger points.


Izanu Hybrid Multi-Peril Indemnity Index (HMII) Insurance Cover

This is called the Izanu blended Insurance Policy. It is a wholesome product, as it covers farmers from perils that can be tracked by index and indemnity categories.

This class of warranty is available to cover larger farm clusters and It covers each crop planted in the field from germination until harvest. It Provides cover against physical loss or damages resulting from:

  •   Drought 
  •   Hail damage
  •   Fire 
  •   Windstorm
  •   Excess Rainfall
  •   Uncontrollable Pests &Diseases 
  • Animal Encroachment


Animal Encroachment Cover

This is an add-on feature of the Multi-Peril and HMII products which has been necessitated by the recent events of animal encroachment across Nigerian farms which has led to the loss of many lives and over $14bn in revenue annually. With this policy, protection is granted to cover farmers from the economic losses exacerbated by animal encroachment and the invasive activities of Herdsmen and Bandits.

A pre-assessment exercise is carried out on the farm before this product is added on to your policy.

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