Nigeria’s first Agri-insurtech company.

Co-Created Agri-Insurance for African Farmers.

Co-created Crop, Livestock, Machinery and Goods in Transit Insurance that suits your needs any place, any time!

About Us

Awarded Most Innovative Agricultural Insurance Provider 2022

Farmers across Africa are prone to agricultural and climate risks which have an adverse impact on the livelihood of smallholder and commercial farmers.
Izanu has a farmer’s first mindset, therefore we pride ourselves in curating context-specific products that takes the dynamics of the agricultural value chain and your pain points into consideration for your comfort and peace of mind.

“We guarantee food security and protect your livelihood with agricultural and climate-risk warranty, co-created with farmers, for farmers”.
Comfort Onyaga – CEO Izanu Africa


Time Saved


Available in all States



How It Works

We are all about understanding our customers and working with them to create partnerships and products that help them.


You reach out to us for agriinsurance and we take the time to listen and understand your need.


We work with you to create the warranty that addresses all you pain points and best suits your needs.


You purchase your co-created warranty and we send you your confirmation details in real time.


  • Plant your crops and apply Good Agronomic Practices
  • Report claims in less than 24hours and trust the process



  • De-risk farming throughout the production circle.
  • Gives you comfort and peace of mind

What We Offer

Crop and animal farming has always involved a lot of risks. Whether a farmer needs to protect their crops, animals, goods in transit or from machinery breakdowns, Izanu Africa is committed to helping them manage the uncertainties of farming.

Goods in Transit

Designed to protect farmers transporting goods from one site to another against financial loss.

Crop Warranty

Designed to protect smallholder farmers from financial & production losses.

Livestock Warranty

Designed to provide cover for livestock to protect farmers against loss of their livelihood.

Machinery Breakdown

Designed to provide cover for insured machinery against unforeseen physical loss /damage.

What Sets Us Apart


We understand that lack of transparency has been the bane of the adoption and use of climate and agricultural risk mitigation policies by farmers. We have painstakingly created transparent systems and processes that enable farmers to probe and monitor their warranty cover, from the point of purchase to payout.

Product Customization

: We structure the most appropriate warranty policies for farmers, taking into consideration their value chain and unique pain points

Customer Centrism

We have a farmer’s first mindset therefore, we take their context into consideration before rolling out our products rather than sit behind the computers to design these products. This is why our products are co-created with farmers, for farmers.

Translation and Simplification of Policy

Like other crop protection inputs (products) we believe farmers should have value for investment by first understanding the A-Z of the warranty policy regardless of the farmer’s level of literacy. Policies have been simplified to ensure the details in the fine prints are understood from the point of purchase.

Value for Time

75% time saved on premium payout.


We continue to work with different partners who support our vision and are committed to maximizing value for farmers to help them grow sustainably.