Izanu Africa

About Us

Izanu Africa is an AgriTech company that leverages simple technological solutions (such as USSD and APIs) to democratize access to inclusive and climate-resilient warranties for farmers.

Climate change and variability are one of the main drivers of low agricultural productivity globally. Crop production losses due to climate exacerbated weather events were to the tune of $250B in 2018 alone. 80% of the food produced is cultivated by Smallholder Farmers (SHFs), yet less than 0.1% of SHFs in Nigeria have access to warranty products.

We bundle fit-for-purpose warranty policies for farmers especially those at the bottom of the pyramid to increase their resilience to anthropogenic, naturally occurring incidents and increase the livelihood of smallholders.

Access to inclusive and climate-resilient warranty policies by SHFs in Africa especially Nigeria will guarantee food security, strengthen their livelihoods, and bolster relationships with input dealers and producers.

Explore What We Offer

Crop and animal farming has always involved a lot of risks. Whether a farmer needs to protect their crops, animals, goods in transit or from machinery breakdowns, Izanu Africa is committed to helping them manage the uncertainties of farming.

Crop Warranty

Designed to protect smallholder farmers from financial & production losses.

Livestock Warranty

Designed to provide cover for livestock to protect farmers against loss of their livelihood.

Goods in Transit

Designed to protect farmers transporting goods from one site to another against financial loss.

Machinery Breakdown

Designed to provide cover for insured machinery against unforeseen physical loss /damage.

Our Partners

Izanu Africa recognizes the following business and organizations for their outstanding support of our initiatives around the world.

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